Hannah Dugdale

2017 Associate Professor in Conservation Biology, U Leeds
2016–2017 Lecturer in Conservation Biology, U Leeds
2015–2016  Researcher, GELIFES, U Groningen (NL)
2012–2015  NERC Postdoctoral Research Fellow, APS, U Sheffield
2011–2012  Research Fellow, GELIFES, U Groningen
2010–2011  NERC Post-doc, NBAF-S, U Sheffield
2009–2010  Rubicon Fellow, GELIFES, U Groningen, Netherlands
2008–2009  NERC Post-doc, Mol Ecol Lab, U Sheffield
2007–2008  Post-doctoral Research Assistant, WildCRU, U Oxford
2002–2007  DPhil [PDF], U Oxford (funded by PTES & NERC)
2001–2002  Research Assistant, WildCRU, U Oxford
2001–2001  Researcher, Aride Island, Seychelles
1999–2000  MSc Biology, Zoology, U Oxford (funded by BBSRC)
1996–1999  BA (Hons) Natural Sciences, Zoology, U Cambridge
1999–1999  Researcher, Snub-nosed Monkey Expedition, China, U Cambridge
1998–1998  Researcher, Kefalonia Marine Turtle Project, Greece



  1. 2017–2018, NERC, Peer Review College Member
  2. 2016–2017, ESEB 2017, Scientific Commitee Member
  3. 2015–now, ESEB, Co-chair, Equal Opportunities Commitee
  4. 2015now, Associate Editor, BMC Zoology
  5. 2014–2018, Reviewing Editor, Journal of Evolutionary Biology
  6. 2013–now, Review Editor, Frontiers in Genetics, Evol. & Pop. Genetics


Grants awarded

2018 PhD Studentship, Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)
2017 Standard grant, NERC
Research Grant, The Royal Society
PhD Studentship, Leeds Anniversary Research Scholarship
2015 Genes and Development Summer Studentship, Genetics Society
2014 Honorary Scholarship, University of Groningen
Nicolaas Mulerius Foundation, University of Groningen
Bio Art & Design, NWO, ZonMW, MU artspace & Waag Society (Dr Dugdale consortium member)
ALW, Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO; awarded to Prof Komdeur; Dr Dugdale post-doc)
2013 NBAF-S, Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)
Schure-Beijerinck-Popping, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts & Sciences (KNAW)
Genes and Development Summer Studentship, Genetics Society
SURE, University of Sheffield, funding for 2 summer studentships
Open Access, NWO
Standard Research Grant, NERC (awarded to Prof Richardson; project partner Dr Dugdale
2012 Dobberke grant, KNAW
Open Access, NWO
Schure-Beijerinck-Popping, KNAW
TopGrant, NWO (awarded to Prof Komdeur; Dr Dugdale consortium member)
2011 NERC Post-doctoral Fellowship, NERC
NWO visitor’s grant, NWO
Lucie Burgers Fund, Lucie Burgers Foundation for Comparative Behaviour Research
Schure-Beijerinck-Popping Fund, KNAW
NBAF-S, NERC (awarded to Prof Macdonald; co-investigator Dr Dugdale)
2010 Ruggesteun Visiting Fellowship, University of Groningen
2009 Rubicon Fellowship, NWO
NBAF-S, NERC (2 grants awarded to Prof Macdonald; co-investigator Dr Dugdale)
2005 Mammal Conservation Project Grant, Mammals Trust UK
2003 NBAF-S, NERC (awarded to Prof Macdonald; visitor Hannah Dugdale)
2002 DPhil fees & maintenance, People’s Trust for Endangered Species
1999 MSc fees & maintenance, Biotechnology & Biological Sciences Research Council
Gilchrist Educational Trust, Chester Zoo, The Explorers Club, RGS & PTES – Expedition grant



Student supervision

Joe Greening 2018-2019 MBiol Leeds Dugdale, Walters & Perez-Badas
Fitness benefits of helping in acorn woodpeckers
Michael Mason 2018-2019 MBiol Leeds Dugdale, van Lieshout & Perez-Badas
Social drivers of immuno-senescence in a mammalian population
Joshua Greene 2018 BSc Leeds Dugdale, van Lieshout & Perez-Badas
Immunosenescence and associated effects of breeding in a wild population of European badgers, Meles meles
Clarissa Wornell 2018 BSc Leeds Dugdale & Perez-Badas
Coccidiosis in the European badger (Meles meles): a study on age, sex, morphology and social / environmental factors
Emily St John Jones 2018 BSc Leeds Dugdale & Perez-Badas
Coccidia burden in the European badger (Meles meles): parasite transmission, co-infection and the effects of badger age and sex
Catrina Bowman 2018 BSc Leeds Dugdale & Perez-Badas
Why do individuals help to raise offspring that are not their own rather than breeding themselves?
Tom Brown 2017–2021 PhD UEA Richardson, Taylor & Dugdale
Biomarkers of senescence in the Seychelles warbler
Sil van Lieshout 2016–2019 PhD Leeds Dugdale, Bretman & Hamer
Early-life environment effects on telomere dynamics in European badgers
Charlotte Bartleet-Cross 2016–2019 PhD Sheffield Burke, Dugdale & Paterson
Conservation genomics of the Seychelles warbler
Charli Davies 2016–2019 PhD UEA Richardson, Dugdale & Taylor
Antagonistic effects and the maintenance of genetic variation
Laura Najera Cortazar 2016–2019 PhD Leeds Goodman & Dugdale
Ecological genomics and speciation boundaries in the Myotis bats
Ashleigh Atkinson 2017-2018 MRes Leeds Dugdale
Heritability of lifetime reproductive success in acorn woodpeckers
Tom Bellis 2017 MSc Leeds Dugdale & Dawson
Genetic origins of badgers on the Isle of Arran, Scotland
Amy Withers 2017 MRes Leeds Dugdale & Dawson
Conservation genetics of otters
Shreya Goswami 2017 MRes Leeds Dugdale
Pseudo-vertical transmission of coccidia in European badgers
Ellen Gravener 2017 BSc Leeds Dugdale
Physiological senescence in Seychelles warblers
Emily Legge 2017 BSc Leeds Dugdale
Heritability of extra-group paternity in European badgers
Photini Knoyle 2017 BSc Leeds Dugdale
A meta-analysis of MHC diversity and pathogen resistance
Catherine Nadin 2017 BSc Leeds Dugdale
Do badgers have allogrooming hierarchies?
Beth Millican 2017 BSc Leeds Dugdale
Is personality linked to dispersal in the wild?
Rosie Simpson 2017 BSc Leeds Dugdale
Alloparental care as a transmission route for coccidia infection
Thomas Johnson 2016 MRes Leeds Dugdale
Habitat use of translocated Seychelles warblers
Nadia Jogee 2016 MSc Leeds Dugdale & Vinagre
Biomarkers of cellular stress in reef-building corals
Sara Raj Pant 2015–2018 PhD East Anglia & Groningen Richardson, Dugdale & Komdeur
Evolutionary forces underlying promiscuity in the Seychelles warbler
Ghaniya Bi 2015 BSc Sheffield Dugdale & dos Remedios
Altruism and group living: does family life promote cooperation?
Konstanz Schroeder, Kingma & Dugdale Selection pressures in cooperatively breeding bee-eaters (Merops apiaster): Correlates of breeding success
PhD Max Planck Seewiesen
Schroeder (PhD Advisory Committee: Dugdale & Løvlie) Age, extra-pair mating strategies and fitness

Michela Busana
PhD Groningen Komdeur & Dugdale
Demographic and social influences on dispersal in the Seychelles warbler

Hannah Edwards
PhD Sheffield Burke & Dugdale
Personality and fitness in the Seychelles warbler


Sheffield Dugdale & Noonan
Trappability as a measure of personality in the European badger

Niles Desmarais

BSc Gonzaga Dugdale & Haydock
Genotyping of the acorn woodpecker population of Hastings Reserve


MBiolSci Sheffield Dugdale & Saul
Why do women decline invitations to speak more than men in evolutionary biology?


Sheffield Dugdale & Schroeder
Gender differences in visibility at ESEB and Evolution conferences
Gabriela  Hajduck 2013
MBiolSci Sheffield Dugdale & Edwards

The link between the DRD4 gene and personality in the Seychelles warbler

Marijke van Marrewijk

2012 BSc Groningen Schroeder, Winney & Dugdale Dominance hierarchy in the Lundy house sparrow population
Yung Wa

DPhil Oxford Macdonald, Newman & Dugdale
The major histocompatibility complex, mate choice and pathogen resistance in the European badger Meles meles

DPhil Oxford Macdonald, Newman & Dugdale
Genetic, socio-ecological and fitness correlates of extra-group paternity in the European badger Meles meles

Masters Amsterdam Dugdale & Hammers Personality and cooperative breeding in the Seychelles warbler

Jennifer Harcourt

2006 MSc Oxford Macdonald & Dugdale Does allogrooming partner selection reflect reproductive status in European badgers?

2006 BA Oxford Macdonald & Dugdale Behaviour and immune trap responses of European badgers (Meles meles)

2006 MTUK intern Oxford Macdonald & Dugdale Do social groups of European badgers Meles meles exhibit dominance hierarchies?

2005 MSc Oxford
Macdonald & Dugdale Do social groups of badgers exhibit cooperative breeding?